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We have more than 20 years programming experience with following robot controls:

Kuka KRC1,2 and 4
ABB S4 and IRC5
Fanuc RJ1,2 and 3
Univeral Robot

Our experience includes product handling, palletisation, punching, sealing, stud welding, mig & mag welding, resistance welding, laser welding, laser cutting, clinching, camera systems, ... . For all these applications we can develop standards or integrate newly developed standards in existing systems.

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Our PLC Team has several years of expierence in the automotive industry using following controls and visualization tools:

Siemens S5,S7,Tia Portal,WinCC
Rockwell PLC5,Control/GuardLogix,
RSView and FactoryView
Pilz Safety PLC
Visual Studio with OPC

During our projects we work with different bus systems, safety devices, barcode and RFID readers, checking systems, drives, data handling systems, ...

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Simulation & OLP

About 15 years ago we started our simulation department using Delmia Igrip.

Currently we use Tecnomatix Process Simulate and our experts can carry out reachability studies and process planning for the most common brands of robots and applications. The complete production process can be simulated and cycle times can be measured before the installation is actually build.

During these 15 years we also gathered a lot of experience with Off-Line Programming (OLP) using different robot brands and standards.

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Through the years, we have developed a whole range of software packages. These programs allow you to generate robot documentation or help you while programming robots or train your maintenance staff. The following programs are examples which can always be extended.

CiratecEdit FT: tools for Fanuc RJ3
CiratecEdit FPB: Fanuc Profibus
CiratecEdit K: Kuka program editor
SDU: Standard & documentation
Plant Assistant and CRC Supervisor
VinFast robot installer
DAF / VDL Steelweld standard checker

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We advise our customers frequently on all kinds of aspects of automation and processes:

Automation concepts
3D Cell concepts
Project planning & coordination
Equipment studies
Cycle time studies
Validation of mechanical design
Budget estimations
Cycle time improvement

Feel free to contact us.

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Recently we are getting more and more requests to deliver turn key projects. Our project engineers have years of experience working on turn key projects and they can elaborate your automation project.

An advantage of not having our own mechanical and electrical work shop is that we can work with your preferred mechanical and/or electrical partner.

In case you don't have one, we can propose one of our partners from which we know they deliver good quality at the right price.

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We do not only train your employees to use a specific production cell but we also train them to use and program robot systems, PLC’s and simulation / OLP software.

Trainings can be organized online, in our offices, at your premises or at a fully equipped training cell at FFT Fulda, Germany. This training cell is state of the art with applications like: handling, servo gun welding, sealing, stud welding, a turn table, welding fixtures and all possible safety equipment.

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Ciratec has a long history of developping standards.

We develop standards for ABB, Fanuc and Kuka robots in combination with every possible PLC and field equipment.

We also develop PLC standards in Siemens Tia Portal or Rockwell so you can contract your whole standard from one partner.

If you are interested to know more about standardization, you can always contact us to plan an online presentation.


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Robby Cloesen - General Director

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